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Group Orders

Whether you're a study group, an educational institution, or an organization, our group order option allows you to enjoy a generous group discount on our subscriptions, learning together has never been easier or more cost-effective!

Benefits of Group Orders


Substantial Savings: Enjoy a 50% discount on our subscriptions, making it a budget-friendly choice for everyone in the group.


Shared Learning Experience: Studying together fosters collaboration and peer learning, enhancing the overall educational journey.


Inclusive Access: Perfect for educational institutions and organizations looking to provide quality resources to a large number of users.


Simplified Management: One group leader can manage the discount code, making it hassle-free for the rest of the members.


Flexibility and Convenience: Group members can access our comprehensive resources at their own pace and convenience.

Apply for a Group Order!
If approved you will receive your 50% off discount code to share with your group

Requirements for Group Orders

  • Group Composition: Minimum of 5 participants, all aged 16 and above, required for group orders.

  • Payment Terms: Invoices issued upon group order approval reflect a 50% discount. Full payment unlocks credit codes covering 100% of the subscription.

  • Subscription Eligibility: Discounts valid on Premium or Elite annual subscriptions only, with auto-renewal disabled. To renew discount, reapplication for discounts is necessary.

  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to various institutions and organizations.

  • Credit Code Rules: Individual, non-transferable credit codes issued per member. Group modifications allowed only if credit codes are unused.

  • Platform Restrictions: Credit codes redeemable exclusively on our website only; however access available on our Apple and Android apps after activation.

  • Code Distribution: Group Leaders are responsible for distributing credit codes to members.

  • Leader Responsibilities: Group Leaders must ensure members are informed about activation and usage rules.

  • Refund Policy: All group order payments are final and non-refundable.

  • Support: Contact us for questions or assistance.

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